Adventures of a No Name Actor

A hilarious account of a career in the movie business by “the actor nobody knows.”

Marco has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Sandra Bullock and Kevin Costner, and performed in such stellar roles as ‘Cop #2’ and ‘Alien Scum.’

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The Crystal Palace of Sin


  • Aspiring actors and entertainment trivia nuts alike will enjoy Perella’s witty perspective, including his deconstruction of made-for-TV and B-movie plots: “Tonight James Coburn gets impaled on his backyard satellite dish. My part consists of continuing to be dead.” Publisher’s Weekly
  • “The author is a charmingly self-effacing guy, with a suitably glib line of professional-Texan patter, honed to perfection by many years toiling as an actor.” Kirkus Review
  • “Some of the best backstage memoirs are written not by stars but by actors who toil at the edge of the limelight.”The New Yorker