Lyrics from the album “Carry Me Home”

Marco Perella: vocals, hummel, conga, percussion
Rob Halverson: fretless bass, fiddle, percussion
Booka Michel: lead conga

Popcorn on a Friday night
Sitting close in the candlelight
Moon is rising, and the wind’s just right
Carry me home…Carry me home.

You know I love you in the evening time
The songs you’re singing catch a gypsy rhyme
Smoky glow in lemon-lime
Carry me home…Carry me home.

It’s a long night to sit and wonder
A stony spell to fall right under
Sit close to me and you might discover
All that sweet love gonna pass you over

Carry me home…Carry me home.
Oh carry me
Come on now lover won’t you carry me
I know the darkness won’t bury me
If you carry me home…carry me home.

Midnight train to the Promised Land
Stars in the sky like grains of sand
Scarlet bells of a minstrel band
Carry me home…Carry me home.